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Latest Erotic Stories


Abbey Alone

“Nothing like a good dicking to help you relax.”

She had just closed a deal with a client that would open up a whole new market for her: the self-made female mogul, no billionaire sugar daddies required. In her canary yellow blouse and skinny black tie, Abbey reclined in the desk chair in front of the bay window in her executive suite. She finally allowed herself to acknowledge that the meticulous strategies she had executed over the...Read On


If I Had A Boat

Playing around on the water.

Susan was wearing a lime green string bikini accented with blue flowers and swirls. She was sitting in the passenger seat of  the boat in the middle of the lake. We had taken my family ski-boat out for the afternoon. The blue cloudless sky had allowed the day to really heat up. "Well, I need to tan!" Susan had proclaimed just after we had run the boat for about twenty minutes. We'd made a...Read On


PE Department Punishment: Miss Downey's Story Chapter Five

Two of Miss Downey's Form Class pay the painful price for missing their PE lesson.

Neither Lindsay Pinkham nor Laura Galley were shocked when their Form Mistress, Helen Downey had read out their names from the list that morning. Both eighteen-year-old sixth formers knew that they were due a punishment for not having their PE kit the previous day. Both girls had deliberately “forgotten” their kit as they hated what they were doing in PE. Gymnastics just wasn’t their...Read On


Southern Hospitality, Part 1

We meet Alex and Chloe...

The sun crept over the horizon, signaling the start of a new day. In a two-story brick house in the Druid Hills suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, the sounds of Pharrell Williams' "Happy" began to play from a phone in the upstairs bedroom. One of the bed's occupants rolled over and picked up the phone. "Time to get up, honey," he said. "Just five more minutes, Alex," the female occupant next to...Read On


Three Way (Part 1)

This was all too much for me to comprehend right now. I couldn’t deal. It felt like the room was spinning and if I didn’t get a grip soon, I was gonna pass out.   “Amber, I need you to take slow deep breaths for me. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.” He kept coaching me until my breathing was finally regulated and I didn’t feel the need to faint.   I leaned back against the couch and closed...Read On


Puta Means Slut (Chapter 2)

A chance encounter leads to obsession...

Its been over a week since I had that cock shoved into my face. Not a day went by when I hadn't relived the humiliation of feeling the wetness of his urine on my nose and musky balls being ground against my mouth as that dick slid between my nose and cheek. But most of all, I was haunted by all those pauses I subconsciously took throughout it all. They each, in turn, fed his aggression. It...Read On


The Laptop: Part Three

She decided to tease him, little did she know how far it would go.

When Beth got back home from shopping Dax was still in bed, or at least he was still in his room.  Since today was supposed to be the hottest day of the weekend, she figured it would be a good day to put on her new bathing suit and head out to the pool.  As she got on her suit she checked herself in the mirror and was extremely happy with what she saw. While she had a very average body,...Read On


Stage Four Of My Journey To Becoming Joann

Continuing journey into the world of cross-dressing...

The next morning I told Sis that I spoke with Bob on the phone, as she suggested, and he invited me over to his apartment on Friday night. I think she was as excited as I was. She said we would have to pick out an outfit tonight when we both got home for the big event.   The next day all I could think about at work was Friday night. Toward the end of my shift, my phone buzzed that I had a...Read On


Consensual Cheating Ch. 3

Lisa's next date with lover boy kicks things up a notch.

It all happened in a whirlwind. One minute I was cooking the family dinner, kids sat contentedly in front of Uncle Netflix, wife location undetermined somewhere upstairs. Next minute the doorbell goes, the clip-clop of heels on wooden staircase, kiss on cheek and a brief ‘don’t wait up honey’ and door opened and closed. And then there were three. I heard the car reverse out, saw its...Read On



Jessica needs it.

I’ve just dropped off my eighteen-year-old daughter, Megan, off at college. This will be her first year of college, and It will be her first time she will be away from home. Sure, she had sleep-overs and stuff like that, but she'll be gone for the school year. After getting her all settled in, I had to go home before it got dark. I don't like to drive at night. I had to drive three hours to...Read On



“Ahem!” I was taking lunch at my desk, checking e-mails. The office was usually empty this time of day, so I was surprised when I looked up to see Sue Hanson standing in the door to my office. She was wearing a teal wrap dress that did everything to accentuate her long, fit legs and firm breasts. Which, as I looked closer, appeared to be unencumbered by any undergarment; mostly because...Read On


The Virgin Queen part 1

A young queen is captured and then seduced

Amelia woke from her sleep noticing that something was very wrong; the bed that she was on wasn’t her own. Her bed was very soft, had a sweet scent of flowers coming off of it, but the one that she was on now was hard and had a pungy odor to it. She was the virgin queen that ruled over Femdara, a land that was mostly inhabited by the humans. She was a part of a strict religious order that...Read On


Getting Sis Pregnant, Chapter 5

The birth of their new baby wasn't the only changes coming for these two!

Anna and I continued to have sex, and although it got to a point where she couldn't kneel well or do some of the things she and I loved to do, we put those things on the shelf. Instead, I started getting pleasure from little things I would do for her–like helping her to get up from a chair, telling her how beautiful she looked pregnant, rubbing creme on her belly to keep her skin soft...Read On


Two Moms, Two Sons 5: London And Joe Prove Their Love For Each Other

As London knows Joe wants her, she has to get him alone and into bed.

POV London "How do you feel holding my hand for the first time as we're both naked?" I pondered as we made to Pete's room. "Invigorating, Mom," he answered as we both entered the room. I let go of his hand and turned to the door. I shut it and slowly revolved back to him. "Are you masturbating to your mom?" I questioned before calmly leaning down to my knees. "Yes," he responded,...Read On


Caught Masturbating

Maggie always had a wild imagination that always got her into trouble.

Her full body weight pressed down on me, pushing me into the bed. I could hardly breathe, hardly think; my mind awash with all kinds of thoughts. I’m not complaining. Tonight couldn't have turned out any better if I had planned it. She’s not been gentle with me since she pushed me through the front door. She practically forced me up the stairs and stripped me completely in a few frantic tugs...Read On

Comp Entry

A Night At The Bar

Something more or less than a fling?

A face that had worn a thousand masks and even more appearances yet everyone would know who she was in an instant. Actress, seductress, courtesan, she’d done it all and had more done to her. She didn’t steal every eye in the room, only the ones that mattered. Her soft curves were only highlighted by  the shimmering, black dress that clung to her wide hips as they swayed to the music....Read On


The Family Business

Family on the verge of financial ruin accepts a deal. A deal that changes them forever.

What do you do when you are on the verge of losing everything? How desperate can you get, and what would you be willing to do if someone offered you a golden ticket to fix it all? “It doesn't look good,” said Mark's accountant. “Well, what can I do?” Mark said with a defeated tone. "I think it's time you put your house on the market and start liquidating your assets, but even that won't...Read On


A Single Little Lie

Desperate desire and forbidden love flourish beneath the bed sheets.

  Ryan He was there again, just like he had been. The night was dark, and the tent flickered with the dying light of the fire. His daughter, Emily, gripped his cock in her hands. She was staring at him, with a lustful gaze. He was close to spitting his load all over her hands. The very thought of getting his sticky semen on her burned his cock like fire. His eyes flashed opened. ...Read On


Tina Is Disciplined Once Again

Tina is rude and pays the penalty

Tina was fifty-eight-years-old with a lovely body for a granny, grey hair, a lined face with sagging skin, bat-wing arms, large drooping breasts, an almost flat tummy, and fleshy thighs. However, she was the chummy granny of policewoman Miss Cindy, who was nineteen-years-old and who was sexily dominant and, indeed, the one unquestionably in charge of their relationship. Tina loved...Read On

Comp Entry

The Pro-Wrestler and His Valet

Dave Bennett was a British pro-wrestler. He recently made the big move and started to wrestle for a major wrestling promotion in the United States. When he first arrived on the scene in America during the tryouts, he struck up a close friendship with a fellow wrestler, which didn’t go unnoticed amongst the trainers at the academy. Being that, this chemistry he had with Alicia Cortez was...Read On


You've Started, So You'll Finish - For Me

Jim is blackmailed by his daughter's best friend when she catches him masturbating

"The decision is final , Sarah!" I said firmly to my daughter, who stormed out of the room, pouting. She had been pleading me to allow her to go on a trip around Europe (at my expense) with some friends, one of whom I really didn't approve of. The conversation had been getting heated in the last few minutes and finally come to a head. Sarah was nineteen but still behaved quite naively...Read On


Like Father, Like Son, Part 2

Carly stared straight ahead. The sheer lace of the veil covered her face as she considered her choices. With one month until her wedding, she had to choose one. Mariah saw the struggle on Carly’s face and it was clear it wasn’t about her dress choices. “Carly, are you okay? Look, I like you and I think you make my father really happy, but if you’re having second thoughts…” “I’m sorry, I...Read On


A Sissy's First Dildo Experience

After ordering his/her very first dildo, this sissy had a very, very special experience.

Buying a dildo online was a bit nerve-wracking, honestly. Not for any huge reason or anything – I live alone, and the packaging is supposed to be discreet anyway, but there’s just something that made me nervous when I first put in the order. Sure enough, it wasn’t like it was a fat box labeled, “Tasty Black Dildos for Sissy Whores,” all around it; just a plain box, inside which was some...Read On


Grandson and Grandfather

Grandson seduces his grandfather

The day after his nineteenth birthday my grandson, Brandon came home early from his college class. About an hour earlier I had serviced one of my regulars with both my mouth and ass. I took a shower, put a light robe on and proceeded to my home bar. I poured a three finger shot of Jack Daniel’s in a glass. I was sitting on the porch bench swing sipping on my drink when Brandon came in. He...Read On


Lucy and Jo Go Into Business

Business has gone down, so the girls decide to take matters into their own hands.

Lucy and Jo had both done very well at the company they worked for. Thanks to the company policy, both of them had now both been promoted twice. They had now moved from their small two bedroomed flat into a house with three bedrooms and a study. Life was looking good. Although the girls had done well personally, the company had not. The business was down, profits were down and redundancies...Read On



It was what they both needed...

Chris really didn’t know when he first became fascinated with spanking. Spanking; certainly not the craziness of his mother chasing him around the kitchen with the dreaded “wooden spoon” in an attempt to land a glancing blow over something silly. No, a spanking as an adult that was formal over the knee spanking was what he was always curious about. If he had to guess, it was from the books...Read On


The Brother, The Sister And The Girlfriend

Stephen, Chelsea and Lorna, an aftertaste of wine, bedrooms, a rainy balcony and a sex-night sunrise

Late Night   A fair few seconds of clumsy scratching sounds, presumably from a series of unsuccessful assaults on the keyhole from the outside, finally led to the front door bursting open and the duo pouring in all at once – a four-legged performance of uncontrollable giggling, swaying with interlocked arms and stumbling steps. Stephen, seated on the couch, did not need to turn away...Read On

Comp Entry

The Shark

She waits.

People watching alone is kind of a strange activity, but I’m kind of a strange girl. I didn’t go there to see her, but I did know that she’d be there. The way she moved her hips as she walked the room was enthralling, and enticing. The way she slithered as she calculated her options was almost slippery. It was almost hard to see her when she moved like that, but it was altogether impossible...Read On


Detention With Miss Downey: Miss Downey's Story Chapter Four

The A Grade student finds herself in detention with her Form Mistress

Seventeen-year-old sixth former, Debbie Griffin couldn’t take her eyes off the clothes brush that sat on her Form Mistress’ desk. She tried her best to return her concentration to her History homework – the reason why she was sitting in detention that Tuesday afternoon. Debbie looked across the classroom at her fellow detainee, Leah Ellis, who was busily writing away. Debbie Griffin...Read On

Recommended Read

The Jared Chronicles: Jared's Roller Coaster - Part 1

Sweet-natured Libby plays a dangerous game with her friend's new fling - a carny called JARED.

“Him?” Sasha asked slyly. “You like?” “He’s … He looks fun, that’s all.” Libby cast her eyes down. They’d been buying pick ’n’ mix when Libby spotted the guy collecting tokens at the roller coaster. He wore the regulation orange security jerkin over a leather waistcoat, both sleeveless (Libby’s mum would have urged him to wrap up that autumn evening) to reveal muscled arms. A pattern of...Read On

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